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Thu, July 10, 2002 (Spouting Nonsense is on hiatus. It is re-printed a few times each week.)


This strip originally appeared August 9, 2001. (c)2001, 2002 Mike Did This. All rights reserved.

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MORE TO COME...(July 8, 2002)
Yep, it's me. For those few of you who are still around, I have actually been at work on the strip. I'm back to updating with the old stuff right now, and new stuff will appear soon. Stay tuned...

When thinking about the horrific events of September 11, please take time to remember the freedoms we in the United States are lucky enough to have. Remember the cost of those freedoms. People have paid for them with their lives.

Help where you can: give blood, comfort those who are distraught, pray. Give your support to the Red Cross by visiting their website, or calling 1-800-HELP NOW.

God bless each of us.

Another great webcomic on the radar is Spaz Labs. Go check it out.

Please drop by Tim Tanner's wonderful Wander. I think you'll find it's a strip you'll want to check in on regularly.

Take a look at Rob McClurkan's great strip Puffy Cloud. You'll find out what superheroes do on their day off. I think you'll like it.

Hey, I got my first fan art! Rory O'Bannion, creator of Dylan, did a drawing of Tim as a rock'n'roll god. I haven't had time to create a new page for it yet, so for now, head over to Rory's site and take a look!

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Spouting Nonsense chronicles the mundane misadventures of a software tester and rock-n-roll hopeful named J. Timothy McSwain ("Tim" to his friends), his lovely wife Tamara, and his bandmates and friends Todd, Reuben and Simon.

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